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Projects are centered around driving growth, spanning everything from strategy to customer acquisition, retention and campaign development + execution across social, content, advertising, brand and more. Engagements have ranged from a single week to several years – a sampling of what those have entailed is included below.



Managed all customer acquisition efforts for 1.5+ years, reducing CPA from triple to single digits. Developed campaigns including messaging and seasonal concepts, documenting learnings to leverage for future testing. Provided insight on strategy, business model and pricing including new product launches. Led data gathering and analysis for weekly review and use in fundraising + pitch decks.



Led digital customer acquisition for 6+ months across 3 global locations in multiple languages. Built marketing campaigns with touchpoints through entire conversion funnel around new and existing courses, driving lead generation and course participants.



First addition to team beyond cofounders, building all pre-beta and launch marketing efforts over 9+ months. Projects included developing strategy from scratch based on research of target market, LTV and cost modeling for fundraising, weekly blog content, e-mail campaign set-up, set-up and management of social media channels, channel marketing for lead generation and more. Trained full-time in-house marketing hire, transitioning projects seamlessly. Brought on a 2nd time to lead strategy + app attribution integration.



Previously worked with Cofounder as a consultant at ClassPass; recruited for short-term project managing digital customer acquisition across key marketing channels, launching new campaigns around city launches. Managed launch of new European city including recruiting, strategy, marketing and some design work; responsible for international multi-city team management.


Janeiro Digital

Acted as Interim CMO for 6+ months, working directly with CEO, CTO, COO, Engineers, Designers and more. Developed marketing strategy from scratch. Redesigned and relaunched website + all marketing materials. Managed editorial calendar including ongoing social media and blog posts. Built lead generation content plan. Tested self-service ad platforms to drive prospects. Managed research relationships to set-up inquiries and briefings with key analysts.


Alt Tab

Built lead generation funnel across multiple channels including marketing campaigns, site flow and CRM efforts. Developed business development plan including new channel sources.



Built content strategy including plans, timing and deliverables from front-end marketing messaging to blog content.



Acted as Interim Marketing Director for 6+ months leading digital customer acquisition efforts during the first year post-launch. Built out Facebook marketing campaigns, reducing CPA and increasing ROI. Implemented successful “unlimited summer” campaign, surpassing expectations on performance and extending campaign year-long.


Society of Grownups

Developed business development and partnership strategy including team structure and target markets for partnerships.



Developed strategy for key seasonal campaign, implementing components across digital acquisition, e-mail and organic social. Led customer acquisition efforts across proven channels including Facebook and tested several new, launching campaigns for AdWords and Pinterest. Built and iterated on testing plan to keep ad content + landing pages fresh. Managed all organic social postings.



Built prospect list of potential targets across endemic and non-endemic brands and led outreach efforts to build relationships with goal of app downloads.

Acted as advisor on US marketing efforts, providing insight into global strategies to leverage for American audience. Prospected and interviewed potential full-time marketing candidates for in-house roles to build marketing team. Led celebrity endorsement efforts including research, customer surveys, agency outreach, proposal and contract.



Developed marketing testing plan for key digital channels including messaging, imagery and target audience with analysis and optimizations throughout.



Created gift card strategy for holiday season, including testing plan for price point and positioning, optimizing landing page for conversions and working with external vendors for 3rd party integration. Developed e-mail marketing strategy including e-mail automation and implemented campaigns in CRM.



Joined team 5 months pre-launch, leading strategy and marketing efforts + sharing best practices on website design, UX and more. Proposed and organized details for launch party with Cofounder. Led digital advertising pre- and post-launch,  editorial calendar, marketing e-mails, campaign planning, focus groups, influencer outreach, discount code and gift card strategy and more.



Business development for restaurant and strategic partnerships including prospecting, outreach and sales + management of Google AdWords account.


Extra Virgin Olio

Implementation and management of Google AdWords account plus CRM including monthly emails and  ongoing social media management.



Developed MindFirst website from scratch including building campaign landing pages, created marketing strategy and implemented key channels including Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, weekly emails through MailChimp, social media management, blog platform and posts and more.


Adore Beauty

Directed third party agency on Facebook advertising efforts including developing strategy for new areas for campaign creation and targeting and broader marketing opportunities.


Dragon Innovation

Developed marketing strategy, implementing all paid advertising efforts including Facebook, AdWords and LinkedIn self-service platforms, developed and edited content, created landing pages for campaigns and buyer personas, managed HubSpot CRM system including daily, weekly and monthly reporting, segmentation and custom emails for  targeted workflows.

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