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Promise Con​sulting Group​ is focused on driving growth through strategy and marketing, offering a variety of services including:

Strategy Development

Develop and execute business strategy for profitability, including detailed marketing strategy with opportunities, priorities and timing

Customer Acquisition

Launch and manage customer acquisition channels across Display, SEM, SEO, Affiliate, E-mail, Social Media, Group Buying, Print and Radio

Customer Relationship Management

Build customer relationship and retention experience including e-mail and retargeting

Analysis & Optimizations

Analyze performance of new and existing campaigns, create reports with key success metrics and optimize based on learnings

Business Development & Partnerships

Develop strategic relationships with partners structured for barter and revenue generation

Content Marketing

Launch platforms for content distribution and create content to be used across various mediums including blog and newsletter

Social Media Management

Build and manage organic presence across key channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn

Brand Marketing

Develop and refine brand messaging, vision and target audience to create consistency and relevancy across internal and external channels


Lead outreach and communications including press and public relations to convey product launches, rebranding campaigns and key updates

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